The Mother of All Battles Looming

the real Syrian Free Press

The events of the last few months have been unravelling in a manner that was least revealing. Suddenly however, some developments can be seen, which if connected together, can only lead to one assessment and speculation.

The War on Syria is coming to a head and the real battle for liberating Syria is about to begin.

Al-Alam Footage Shows Syrian Army & Hezbollah’s Control over Qalamoun

By Ghassan Kadi, 25 May 2015, Intibah Wakeup

The stalemate of the months leading up the death of the Saudi King Abdullah were inadvertently related to the fact that he did not want to further engage Saudi Arabia in risky battles that could threaten its own security.

Soon after the incumbent king Salman assumed power, he declared war on the Houthis in Yemen, and in doing this, he declared a proxy war on Iran.

His uncalculated risk was based on the assumptions that Pakistan and Egypt were going to walk the talk and put…

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