Al Saud to the International Criminal Court: a Fake ‘Kingdom’ of Real Slaughter, Destruction and Fear, masterminds, fathers and manure for growing Daesh, Nusra Front and all terroristic perversions

the real Syrian Free Press

Reading these few lines, you’ll see immediately who are the fathers and teachers of Daesh-ISIS-Nusra Front, and all the gangs of cutthroats, mercenaries and terrorists working for the Yankees friends of al-Saud. (SFP)


Excerpts from “Al Saud: Kingdom of Slaughter, Destruction and Fear“,
by Israa Al-Fass, Translated by Sara Taha Moughnieh
for Al-Manar 23/4/2015

Remembering the Wahhabi forces has always been associated with remembering the criminal practices of their ancestors since the political deal between Mohammad bin Saud and Mohammad bin Abdul Wahhab, which stated that the first must protect the ideology of the second in order for it to spread, while the second gives legitimacy to the rule of the first.

This political deal is still in practice until today, Al Saud is leading the political scene in the kingdom while the religious leadership is under the control of Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahhab’s sons.

In April, 1802…

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