Teacher killed, 23 kids injured, in terrorist rocket attack in Damascus

the real Syrian Free Press


A terrorist mortar attack hit a Basic Education school in al-Malki neighborhood in Damascus city on Wednesday, killing a female teacher and injuring a number of students.


The Police said 23 students were wounded in the attack, which was caused by a mortar round, adding the attack caused material damage to the school’s building.

A source at Damascus Health Department said the injured students were admitted to al- Mouwasat and al-Shami hospitals.

Education Minister Hazwan al-Waz visited the injured students at the hospitals to check up on their conditions.

For his part, Head of Damascus Education Directorate Mohammad Mardini told SANA reporter, while visiting the injured students in the hospital,that all injured students are 7th and 8th graders, adding that injuries will be assessed to set a new test schedule for them.


Mardini condemned the terrorist attack and said it expresses the hatred of the terrorists towards the Syrians and their future and education process.

About 1 million students from…

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