The Mideast’s S-U-N-N-I Problem

Mideast Shuffle


This needs to be spelled out: The biggest threat to Middle East stability today is a Sunni one – and it comes not from its largely downtrodden population, but from the epicenter of current Sunni political and religious leadership.

“The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.” – Confucius

The Shiites have their leadership. So too do Arab Christians, the Druze, Kurds and countless other sects, ethnic groups and tribes in the broader Middle East.

But who looks after the Sunni masses? What major Sunni leader speaks representatively on behalf of these tens of millions of constituents? Who ensures Sunni access to social mobility, gives them a voice at the table and champions their key economic and political grievances?

We don’t typically think of majorities this way, but the Sunni Arab may be the single-most disenfranchised segment of the population in the Mideast today – lacking…

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