First Lt.-Dr. Ahmad Abdulkareem Hasan, a Great Soldier and Valiant Man, died today with honor to defend his homeland

the real Syrian Free Press

Lt-Doctor Ahmad Abdulkareem Hasan-solo


First Lt.-Dr. Ahmad Abdulkareem Hasan, a true Syrian hero, died bravely and with honor to defend his homeland, killed by a terrorist sniper as he was bringing aid to his comrades in the forefront at the hospital of Jisr Ashoghour.

He incessantly provided medical care to his companions in the hospital, and he was always carrying a gun over his shoulder, at the forefront, in every battle against the barbarian mercenaries and terrorists in the service of the Western “democracies” and the local Sion-Wahhabis camel’s urine drinkers.

A great warrior and a skilled doctor has risen to the sky today, leaving his beloved little family of a wife and two children, and his great wounded country.

Honour to you, doctor and comrade Ahmad Abdulkareem Hasan.
Rest In Peace our hero.

Even alone against all, on the battlefields in the clash of…

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