Syrians mark Martyrs Day, Syrian Army kills scores of terrorists across the country, destroys their dens and hideouts

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Syrians mark Martyrs Day

On the occasion of Martyrs’ Day, the state employees get a day off on Wednesday May 6th. the cabinet announced. More than 100 years ago, the Syrians revolted against the tyranny of 400 years of Ottoman occupation, with the occupiers using all forms of crimes to terror and deter the Syrians from fulfilling their goals in freedom and independence.

Since the Othman Empire had lost the WWI, it adopted the Turkishsization policy to oppress and replace all forms of nationalism, even if that meant annihilation of a number of the region’s peoples.

Yet, the Syrians remained firm in their adherence to their identity, language and civilization, with an increased awareness on the importance of culture and nationalism and more secret meetings and forums to discuss methods of countering and overcoming occupation.

On the occasion, both Regional and National leadership of the Baath Arab Socialist Party (BASP) said…

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