Syria Daily: Rebel Leader Alloush Visits Turkey

Friends of Syria

Syria Daily: Rebel Leader Alloush Visits Turkey Rebel leader Zahra Alloush (third from left) is greeted after crossing into Turkey on Friday

In a sign of expanding Turkish support for Syrian rebels, insurgent leader Zahran Alloush crossed Syria to visit Turkey on Friday.

The trip also shows the growing importance of Alloush in the armed opposition to President Assad. He is the leader of the Jaish al-Islam faction, based outside Damascus, and the head of military operations for the Islamic Front rebel bloc.

Photographs showed Alloush being greeted after he crossed into Turkey at the Bab al-Hawa post, controlled by rebels. He reportedly met Syrian Islamic scholars.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia have both stepped up arms supplies and intelligence support for the rebels this year, as the opposition has made significant gains. The rebels took the provincial capital of Idlib in northwest Syria last month, and they have steadily advanced through the south, including the recent…

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