Belgian parliamentary delegation: “President al-Assad is an ally because he fights terrorism…Sanctions are dictatorial acts and hard violence against the Syrian people”

the real Syrian Free Press

Belgian parliamentary delegation-3

“President al-Assad is an ally because he fights terrorism”

Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham met on Tuesday a Belgian parliamentary delegation headed by member of the Flemish Parliament Filip Dewinter.

During the meeting, Dewinter said the delegation will work towards restoring diplomatic relations with Syria and put an end to the economic embargo imposed on it this embargo harms the Syrian people.

Dewinter said that President Bashar al-Assad is an ally, not an enemy, because he fights terrorism and extremism, adding “we realize that if Syria falls, Jordan and Lebanon and the Maghreb countries near Europe will fall, as terrorism will reach them too.”

He said that Syria is the cradle of Christianity and Islam and has true democratic values because its separates religion from state and has gender equality, adding that this can be seen in Arab states like Lebanon, but not in Saudi Arabia, Qatar…

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