AL-HOULA MASSACRE, Revisited 3 Years Later: The Dirty War on Syria ~ [Full Report + Exclusive Videos]

the real Syrian Free Press

houla-syrian-kid-Of a total of 49 children, 31 belong to one single family, and in all, a majority they come from only four families, all of them rejecting the terroristic ideology of the mercenary gangs, and all of them families of Syrian patriot civilians.( MORE Archive


This article examines and documents the Houla massacre of May 2012, a terrible incident in the Syrian Crisis which came closest to attracting UN intervention. The analysis here seeks to include all relevant evidence, both from witnesses and on the UN processes. A series of appalling civilian massacres during the conflict helped set the tone for another round of ‘humanitarian intervention’ or ‘responsibility to protect’ debates. The killings at Houla deserve close attention. However, because of NATO’s abuse of the ‘no fly zone’ authorisation for Libya and the wider geo-politics of Syria, Russia and China would not allow…

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