War Crimes Alert ~ U.S. General John Allen: “We will protect the rebel fighters in Syria with air power and safe corridors”

the real Syrian Free Press




[the excerpt below is from the question & answer session]

Farah al-Atassi: […] How are you going to deploy 5000 vetted, trained Syrian opposition fighters inside Syria with no ground or air cover, with no safe corridors, with [no] no-fly zone; as if you were sending them to a suicide mission, not a victory mission. And that will lead me to the second question quickly: How are you going to convince the 5000 vetted Syrian opposition fighters to sacrifice their lives only to fight ISIS [i.e. DAESH], whereas there are thousands of other Shia jihadis, foreign fighters coming from South Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen who are currently in Syria, killing more Syrian than ISIS, fighting with the Syrian regime. So how are you going to solve this reality and complexity?

General John Allen: You’ve offered a series of potential limitations with regards to [safe] corridors and air…

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