Daesh executes a person who videotaped unidentified aircraft landing brought aid to terrorists ~ [Report]

the real Syrian Free Press


(Shafaaq News) ~ A security source in Diyala said that DAESH (ISIS) terrorists have executed a citizen while trying to videotape an unidentified helicopter landing in one of the northern agricultural villages of Muqdadiyah through DAESH control over these areas in the past periods.

The source told “Shafaq News”, that“We have received reliable information from residents of one of the farming villages that DAESH organization has arrested one of the citizens during filming the landing of an aircraft of the International Alliance with his mobile telephone, adding that one of the elements of the organization was able to detect the person who was hiding behind a one of the houses in farming village and took him to the leaders of the organization before he completed filming “.

The source asserts that DAESH elements beaten and left him clinically dead for several days before being executed, indicating that the…

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