Young Syrians fight for sovereignty and independence of their homeland with their own weapons and their own culture and science: Army continues crackdown on terrorists’ gatherings, while Winners in finals of Syrian Scientific Olympiad honored

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Winners in finals of Syrian Scientific Olympiad honored

Under the patronage of Mrs. Asmaa al-Assad, the National Agency of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad held a ceremony on Monday in honor of the winners of the national finals of the 2014-2015 Syrian Scientific Olympiad at Al-Assad House for Culture and Arts in Damascus.

Medals and certificates were awarded to the winners during the ceremony, which was attended by Presidency Affairs Minister Mansour Azzam representing Mrs. Al-Assad. The ceremony also included an artistic show and a presentation on the Olympiad since its establishment in 2006.

The finalists are:

Ahmad Abu Dan (Aleppo), Jullanar Shahoud (Homs), and Mark Jabbour (Lattakia) in math,

Khaled Kalayeb al-Ishabi (Homs), Ammar Kurdi (Aleppo), and Fajr Afasha (Lattakia) in physics,

Tammam Hawa (Homs), Yazan Zidan (Lattakia), and Ghifran Khalil (Damascus) in chemistry,

Salim Mansour (Damascus), Nada Asaad (Homs), and Donabelle Hamamji (Aleppo) in biology,

Mohammad Dweik (Aleppo), Mahmoud…

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