Forza Bashar

Friends of Syria


The President of Syria Bashar Al-Assad has been urged recently by the French to use more force against terrorism: ‘Forza Bashar’ was the banner raised by the French crowds in the French league match between Paris-Saint-German and Bastia! The crowds’ calls have been indeed a popular acknowledgement of Syria’s just fight and Syrian Army heroic fight against terrorists of more than 80 countries, among them were the French handpicked by the Qataris and Saudis and backed by the blind policies of Mr. Hollande, who appeared in Paris anti-terror recent march as a baby-sitter begging his willy-nilly visitor, Netanyahu, to calm, slow down and not to go more forward before other world leaders, many among whom have no other profession other than terrorism- related activities!

The banner summarizes indeed Syria’s ongoing on the ground as the struggle between light and darkness, humanity and brutality, civilization and barbarity, between goodness and…

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