Long Live President Bashar Al Assad and May 2015 See the End of US Plan to Overthrow You

Friends of Syria

‎President‬ Bashar Al-Assad visiting to our Syrian Arab Army  in Jobar Damascus, in the first moments of the New Year. He told them I’m here to give high spirits to you. We are in war and actually no one in Syria is celebrating, but if there is any space for joy in syrian homes, that is because of your sacrifices and the victory you achieve. In the new year every one has a wish with his family.

I’m here to wish with you the victory against terror. Keep up and greetings to everyone who fights against terror.

It is not normal for any leader to visit his army, it is a big risk, we are under war, he is a target for the enemy, but as he is as brave as our army. He did risk his life to join our soldiers. Historical leader with legendary army , Viva Syria Al-assad, I wish…

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