Indonesian Police Busted Al-Qaeda Cell Preparing for Syria War

Friends of Syria

Indonesian Police raided a Terrorist Cell Tied to a Greater Al-Qaeda Recruitment Network for the War on Syria

nsnbc , – During the night of 31 December 2013, the Indonesian anti-terrorism police squad Densus 88, confronted and shot dead six terrorist suspects in the city of Ciputat, in the South Tangeran district of Indonesia’s Bantan province. Police chief Saturman reported that one of the suspects had undergone all necessary preparations for being deployed to take part in the war on Syria, and that all six belonged to the Al-Qaeda linked terrorist organization known as the Abu Roban group.

The Indonesian news agency Antara News reported after the operation one week ago, that a spokesperson for Indonesia’s National Police, Boy Rafli Amar, said that the police managed to arrest a terrorist suspect known as “Anton” in Banyumas, in the Central Java province. Boy added, that Anton provided information about his accomplices living in the Ciputat area.

Boy stated that five out…

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