Syria – A Case for Jihad or Not? Do NOT be Deceived

the real Syrian Free Press

To all you Takfiri Islamic Jihadists who “THINK” you know the situation in Syria because someone “told” you about the situation…


If you do NOT understand the situation in Syria, then do NOT be led astray by the lies of PAID men with agendas. The lies are the work of Shaytan.  The liars have a plan to decrease the Arab population in the world, and to create “Islamaphobia.” This will drive uneducated people AWAY from Islam. Do NOT serve the agenda of the US and Israel to pit Sunni against Shia, Muslim against Christian, or Arab against Arab. “Divide and Conquer,” its the American way.



This is the manipulation of the PAID media just as many of the clerics and false fatwas issued against Syria by man. The USA has many media channels on youtube ONLY to deceive you, as Saudi pays many millions to

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