Update on Downed Helicopter


urkish warplanes shot down a Syrian helicopter on Monday after it “violated Turkish airspace”, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said.

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Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2d4_1379349462#Lp4gBciS6yZzXItX.99

17 September 00:28
An official statement from the General Command of Army and Armed Forces:
“Earlier today 09-16-2013, a Syrian Air Force helicopter was missing in a recon mission over the Syrian-Turkish border villages or Latakia countryside, and after rescanning our radars showed that the helicopter accidentally crossed the Turkish airspace for a short distance before given an order of withdrawing and guided back inside the Syrian airspace, during its withdrawal the Turkish air force shot down the helicopter to fall inside the Syrian territory.
The hasty reaction from the Turkish side, especially that the helicopter was unarmed, on a recon mission and on its way back to Syrian space, is an evidence of the real intentions of Erdoğan`s government toward Syria by escalating the situation on the borders and adding tension between the two countries and.”

End of Statement.

Syrian Arab Army

Friends of Syria

Graphic video has now emerged of the FSA beheading the pilot of the helicopter, who thought he was safe when he parachuted to the ground.

Graphic Over 18

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