If Syria is to come under chemical arms scrutiny, so must Israel

16 September 18:01
Sister #Agnes Mariam of Syria Analyzes #Goutha Videos Touted by Obama White House, Finds Overwhelming Evidence of Fabrication and Fakery; Were Victims #Alawites #Children #Kidnapped from #Latakia in Early August, http://www.facebook.com/l/NAQFepv4SAQEkYTBLv4fca5aRFu3GyRd1UbmqICaIaAjIGA/tarpley.net/2013/09/16/sister-agnes-mariam-of-syria-analyzes-goutha-videos-touted-by-obama-white-house-finds-overwhelming-evidence-of-fabrication-and-fakery/

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If Syria is to come under chemical arms scrutiny, so must Israel

An American analyst says the Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) must come under scrutiny the same way Syria has been subjected to such a measure, Press TV reports.

“Israel should be brought under the same microscope as Syria; [until] Israel is forced to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and … they open their nuclear, chemical and biological capability to international inspection and sanction, we’re going to continue to have problems,” said Mark Dankof, a Texas-based broadcaster and analyst in a Press TV interview.

Dankof described as inaccurate US Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent claim that Syria owns the largest chemical weapons arsenal in the Middle East, adding that it is in fact the Zionist regime that is the record holder in terms of the amount of WMDs possessed



“That honor,” he said, “belongs to…

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