UNDENIABLE PROOF! Al-Farouk Brigade & SNC Behind Chemical Weapons Attack August 21, 2013

the real Syrian Free Press


Proof you cannot ignore! Al-Farouk Brigade, led by a members of the Syrian National Council, namely Fahed Awad are behind the chemical weapons attack in Syria. The terrorist organization goes around to the towns they try to liberate, and kidnap ordinary Syrian civilians, not just the SAA they capture, and them commit crimes against humanity on them. They are murdered out right, and then videos are uploaded claiming Assad forces committed the crimes. They have worked with the Turkish government of Erdogan for 2 years now, out of a television studio in Ankara. They are led by many pieces of filth I previously exposed in exposing “Souria2011Archives.” The US, Israel, Saudi, Qatar and Turkey claim the Assad government gassed their own citizens while the United Nations just happen to be there investigating a prior chemical weapons attack. Like, who believes that?

Use your heads. Why would Assad gass his own…

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