One thought on “GIRL CHEMO

  1. roxsi says:

    My recommendation: Find out the mail-adresses of the war-mongers everywhere in the world and start a sitstorm. I`m a German citizen and opposing any war. I know, that Angela Merkel is supporting Obomba bin Barack`s course. She and tinktanks in the background are planning a takeover of power, especially economic power in Syria after the planned toppling of Assad. Don`t trust her, because she is an American vassal. You must know, that Germany is not a free and souvereign country, but the 51st state of America. Here is her mail-adress: Use and spread it for a big action on her mailbox. Maybe it won`t help directly, but it would be an important signal to her. When you make a research in the internet, you`ll also find the mail-adresses of all delegates in the Bundestag. Flood them with mails enclosing the pictures of the criminal acts of the terrorists.

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