RE: Chemicals Used in Syria – Either the US Government Does NOT Give a “Flying Fu*k” About US “PUBLIC OPINION” Going to WAR With Syria or Israel is Shoving THEIR Fist UP the US where the Sun Dont Shine?

the real Syrian Free Press

Has the United States of America and their allies LOST THEIR MINDS COMPLETELY?” Have they become JUDGE JURY and EXECUTIONER all at one time? I find it perplexing that the “most democratic” country in the world could be the most corrupt and biggest liars! Is the MOTTO in America “Guilty until proven innocent” these days. Are the days of “Innocent UNTIL proven guilty” gone America? You are not only lacking the moral fiber to which your country was suppose to be founded on, you lack the integrity to even speak the truth!


In America these days, politicians play golf and have family outings with journalists. You know, like the attorneys and the judges do. Responsible journalism is as DEAD in America as is most of the bee population is in Florida from yummy GMO rat poison fed to the public!  What happened to fairness, integrity, honesty, loyalty, compassion…

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