Al Nusra Front, shame of all muslims, is running the “holy” prostitution racket

the real Syrian Free Press


Al Nusra Front, the shame of all muslims, is running the “holy” prostitution racket

Mujahidat uncover the scandals of radical Islamist groups “Al Nusra and Al Qaeda”

Syrian State TV broadcasted on Sunday evening, August 11, a documentary titled “Sharia against Islamic law – Jihad Marriage”. The film presented the testimonies of a group of “Mujahidat” women, who participated in the “Jihad Marriage”, which its fatwa was ascribed to the Saudi Sheikh, Mohamed al-Areefi.



The terrorist Sara Khalid al-Alaou, the Emir of “al-Nusra Front” in al-Bukamal and a leader in “Saraya al-Tawhid” said: I joined Al Qaeda organization, when I was at the tenth grade in High school and had been taught religious lessons in al-Iman mosque in the city of al-Bukamal by a Sheikh called Abu Mohammed, who used to come and teach us special religious lessons related to Al Qaeda and had given us a…

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