The Public can now Follow The President, Dr Bashar al-Assad on Social Networks

the real Syrian Free Press

The USA does NOT want the public to support Dr Bashar al-Assads social media sites because they show the world who this man really is, instead of who they want to portray him to be. 

Here is the USA State Departments temporary mouthpiece Marie Harf speaking on behalf of Dr Assads “Instagram account.”

Here is one picture among many that can be seen in his pictures…

Dr Bashar al-Assad greets his troops

He even posts some from before he was the President…

rare bashar al assad

The public, in many Countries, can now follow Dr Bashar al-Assad Social networks. You can be updated quite frequently on what the President and the First Lady are doing. They post many pictures to the world to show their lives. Many have made claims Dr Assad is on a Russian ship, or in a different country altogether. Neither being true.

Personally, I am in favor of this because many leaders, or mouthpieces for these…

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