Al-Jazeera LOSING Credibility Everywhere – Accused of “Agenda Setting and Bias Reporting.” Many are looking elsewhere for the TRUTH

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The “Arab Spring” or “Arab Winter” as it has been called, has shaken Arab TV’s Al-Jazeera’s credibility. Top figures in Al-Jazeera have QUIT over the Qatari owned news channel insistence they NOT report the TRUTH, but distort, and manipulate it. Al-Jazeera was granted permission to broadcast from the USA when the west learned they could manipulate the people to the TRUTH.

Report by RussiaToday

The Managing Director, the Corespondent, the Producer are among quit a few who have decided to stop distorting the truth of Qatars owned Al-Jazeera channel. These former employees claim “agenda setting and bias reporting.”

In an exclusive interview, Al-Jazeera’s  Media Relations Manager explains why, Al-Jazeera is a media propaganda channel for the west, Saudi and Qatar. It distorts the truth.

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The Producer explains why he quit Al-Jazeera

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Their biased coverage is undermining viewers’ faith in the Middle Eastern satellite…

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