Aleppo Extremists Torture, Execute 15 Year Old Boy in front of his Parents

Aleppo Extremists Torture, Execute 15 Year Old Boy in front of his Parents

The brutality of Syria’s assumed freedom seekers is no more to be questioned.

Cannibalism, executions, slaughter turned to daily synonyms to “rebels” actions in Syria.

On Sunday, Syria extremists detained the young boy Muhammad Qatta’a at 10 pm from where he worked selling coffee in the Sad al-Lawz area of al-Shaar.

The extremists accused the boy for blaspheming during an argument while he was working.

It is thought Qattaa’s customer was trying to get a free coffee and the boy responded “Even if Mohammad comes down, I will not give it as debt.”

They later returned with the boy to the area, the child’s shirt was made to cover his head, his body had obvious marks from torture and beating.
The rebels then publicly announced, and they spoke not in a Syrian accent but in a classical Arabic one, that apostasy is a terrible vice and that anyone who does so will face similar fate.

They then shot the boy twice with an automatic rifle in front of the gathered crowd, a shot in the neck and a shot in the head, and then left in their car. The boy’s mother and father were among the crowd.

According to the so-called Syrian Organization for Human Rights that belongs to the Syrian opposition, the so-called “Shari’a” court of Aleppo has a security branch in the area but did not stop the summary execution of the boy.

It further demanded that the killers of the child be brought to justice.


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