Ambassador Ford a Disgrace to Diplomacy

Friends of Syria

Syria, Ambassador Ford and a Crusaders’ Castle

by Felicity Arbuthnot

47435“Diplomacy: The conduct of the relations of one state with another by peaceful means; skill in the management of international relations … ”

“Duplicity: deception; double dealing.” (Collins Dictionary.)

Remember that “Crusade”? It is back, it seems – if it ever went away.

On the 16th of September 2001, George W. Bush announced, “. . . this Crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take a while.”

Six months later, that designated “dove” of the Bush Administration, General Colin Powell, gave an ultimatum to Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf demanding he be on board to topple the Taliban and neutralize al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Powell, in testimony before a Commission investigating the September 11th attacks (24th of March 2004) stated that, “We gave them twenty-four (or) forty-eight hours, and then I called President Musharraf and said, ‘We need your answer now…

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