Al-Nusra flees to Turkey, dozens of terrorists killed ~ Al-Nusra fugge verso la Turchia, decine di terroristi uccisi

the real Syrian Free Press

i difensori della Patria


After the defeat of al-Front Nusra to Maarat al-Nouman and Wadi al-Dhaeef with the Nairab and the young camps … Salafi terrorists have attempted to raise the morale of their mercenaries attacking the outskirts of Jisr al Shougour and towns on the highway between Aleppo and Lattakia … but they found, waiting for them, the defenders of the Fatherland, the boys of the Syrian Arab Army, who completed the party killing more than 50 of these terrorists armed mercenaries, and for many of those who fled we thought aviation and artillery rocket launchers ground to burn their tail in flight, it is supposed to the Turkish territories ….


Dopo la sconfitta del Fronte di al-Nusra a Maarat al Nouman e a Wadi al Dhaif, con al Nairab e il campo dei giovanissimi … i terroristi salafiti hanno tentato di sollevare il morale dei loro mercenari attaccando nella…

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