FSA Decapitate then Grill Their Victims – Syria

FSA Decapitate then Grill Their Victims – Syria

The crime doesn’t stop here as the grilled heads were paraded throughout some of the towns and villages under the control of NATO’s ‘freedom fighters’ after sticking it to metal and wooden sticks.

More pictures and video footage will definitely come up through official sites of Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists hosted on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, as they always brag about their heinous crimes with their impunity provided by the ‘international community’ as they’re fighting an ‘evil regime’; while many Syrian accounts on these platforms were shut down for not abiding by the ‘community standards’ of these mediums! We will keep an eye on these sites and try to update this piece on priority basis.

Ironically, Syrian based media were all banned in Europe, USA, Canada and other countries, Syrian state and private TV channels were all taken off air by a decision from the EU & the Arab League in order to cover on such crimes and promote their one line of news.

Just one article before was talking about the biased Human Rights Watch group and their reporting on the Syrian Crisis under: Syria: Human Rights Watch (HRW) with another Propaganda Stunt.


Meanwhile the USA with its allies and stooges are trying to segregate these savages into groups based on the level of their ‘exposed’ crimes in order to keep supporting the less savages among them, a very old trick the US plays when their assets fails on the ground and they pick who is to be sold in a settlement and who is to be sponsored in a media propaganda stunt its experts are good at.

We do not want any help from any country out there, the only help we need is stopping the recruiting of less fortunate young men who are brainwashed and stripped from any shred of humanity left with them then sent to topple the Syrian state in order to install a puppet regime to the west.

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