25 Killed by Rocket with Chemical Materials Fired by Terrorists in Aleppo Countryside

25 Killed by Rocket with Chemical Materials Fired by Terrorists in Aleppo Countryside

Terrorist use chemical weapons after they Failed and lost achieve their goals. And try Hitting Aleppo Today Because Aleppo showed them the Real Resistance and Aleppo as City and People Will not surrender and will resist terrorism. Please publish the information as much as possible. To stop them. Weapons and Missiles Are Coming From Turkey Side !Near to common turkey Syrian borders !

استخدام الارهابيين للاسلحة الكيميائية بعد ان يأسوا من تحقيق أهدافهم .. و كانت محاولة حلب تجربة لهم .. الرجاء النشر الاعلامي بقدر الامكان .. لايقافهم .. الاسلحة حصلوا عليها من تركيا

Syrie: une arme chimique utilisée par les rebelles, 15 morts (Damas)

L’opposition syrienne armée a utilisé une arme chimique dans la province d’Alep, tuant 15 personnes, ont déclaré mardi les autorités de Damas citées par l’agence Sana.

“Les terroristes ont lancé un missile contenant des produits chimiques dans la province d’Alep, tuant 15 personnes, en majorité des civils”, lit-on dans le communiqué.

Jusqu’à présent, la communauté internationale craignait davantage l’utilisation d’armes chimiques par les forces du président syrien Bachar el-Assad, et multipliait les mises en garde destinées à Damas contre un tel recours.

Depuis la mi-mars 2011, la Syrie est secouée par un puissant mouvement de contestation du régime en place qui a fait, selon l’Onu, près de 70.000 morts et plus d’un million de réfugiés.
Terrorists on Tuesday launched a rocket containing chemical materials on Khan al-Asal area in Aleppo Countryside.

Initial information indicated that about 16 citizens were killed, and 86 others were injured, most of them are in critical condition.

Later, the death toll due to the firing of the rocket rose up to 25 martyrs.

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At the moment…EU Parliament President Slams France, Britain for Raising Debate Over Ending Syria Arms Ban

Mar 16, 2013 – BERLINPresident of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz slammed France and Britain for raising debate again over the need for lifting the ban on sending weapons to the Syrian opposition.

AFP quoted Schulz as saying in an interview with the German TV N24, ”I wish that the same mistake won’t be repeated at the EU again, I mean that some countries speak individually before others.”

”The issue of lifting the ban should be discussed carefully to determine whether it could achieve the goal of establishing a democratic government,” he added.

Schulz considered that the German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not at fault about the issue.




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Exclusive: Gaza Salafists Take Fight to Syria

Exclusive: Gaza Salafists Take Fight to Syria

Exclusive: Gaza Salafists
Take Fight to Syria

I managed to reach the house of one of the jihadist Salafist leaders in the Gaza Strip. The Hamas-led Gaza government had imposed limitations on most jihadist Salafist leaders following the Ibn Taymiya Mosque incidents in Rafah at the end of 2009, when its security forces killed 28 jihadists after their leader, Abdel Latif Moussa, declared the Islamic caliphate. Salafist jihadism in the Gaza Strip is an international movement that promotes armed jihad against the ruling Arab and foreign governments.

The only way to reach the house of the leader, who was forbidden from talking to the press, was by being disguised as a devout woman. Then I revealed my identity as a journalist, after which the Salafist leader’s family kicked me out. However, he explained why the members of the movement had moved to Syria to fight, saying, “They moved to Syria because the jihad door in the Gaza Strip was closed, and the situation was not taken into consideration, contrary to Syria, where it is open to jihad and to fighting the enemy.” He refused to define what he means by enemy, and he noted that after he was locked up more than once in the aftermath of Ibn Taymiya Mosque incident, he sought to live a simple life and to keep his jihad mission and vocation as a member of the Salafist jihad between God and himself.

When asked if he is considering going to Syria himself, should he get the chance, he replied, “I prefer to keep this to myself.” Regarding the movement’s connection with al-Qaeda, the leader said that both organizations share the same approach, which calls for unity and jihad in the name of God, adding that only their names differ. Moreover, he said what differentiates them from other Salafism movements is that they abide by the religion as a whole, following the ideology of Sheikh Muhammad al-Maqdisi.

Despite his reluctance to talk or to disclose the number of militants from Gaza in Syria, he ultimately provided some information about their presence and efforts against the regime in Syria, independent of the Free Syrian Army. The militants joined Jabhat al-Nusra, which was formed in 2011 in Syria and was classified by the US as a terrorist organization.

On leaving the house of the Salafist leader, who insisted on remaining anonymous, I was able to get an interview with the families of two Salafists who had participated in the battle in Syria, and who were declared dead by al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra on the Internet.

When I reached the house of the deceased Muhammad Qunayta, his brother refused to talk to me, despite having earlier confirmed the meeting.

However, the women poured their hearts out to me, expressing their sorrow for the sudden and tragic death of their son.

The sister of the deceased said, “Before he traveled, he was watching several videos from Syria and bitterly crying for the souls of children, women and wounded people. Then, he told us he was going to Turkey for trade purposes. We found out later that he went to Syria to carry out a martyrdom there.” She added that her brother’s conscience pushed him to fight in Syria. In his last days, he used to repeat, “My conscience cannot rest with all this injustice in Syria.”

Qunayta’s sister added that he was married with three kids. The family watched the video of the “massive” funeral and burial of their son, who was considered a leader and trainer, in Syria online.

A source close to the family told me that Qunayta was openly affiliated with al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas. However, his membership was suspended during the last period of his life, because he traveled to Syria and joined the ranks of jihadists. Still, the movement handled his funeral service, out of respect for his history.

I also spoke with Hamas’ spokesperson, Sami Abou Zahri, over the phone. Zahri emphasized that Hamas does not interfere in any Arab or Islamic affairs. Although it stands by the Syrian people in fulfilling their will, it does not consider itself part of the conflict.

When asked about the Salafist leader’s accusation of Hamas closing the door of jihad and oppressing members of Salafist Jihadism in the Gaza Strip, thus pushing them to leave for Syria, Zahri replied, “Hamas limits its confrontations to the Israeli occupation and considers the liberation of Palestine its main mission. Those who claim that the doors to jihad are closed are mistaken, and the last war on the Gaza Strip is the biggest proof that they cannot be trusted. None of those members participated in the confrontations with the Israeli occupation, whether during the last war or the one before.”

Zahri added that there are many Salafist groups in Gaza. If you visit the jails or ask the human rights organizations, you will know that none of the members are in prison. In fact, they are free to work in Gaza.

I was on my way to Rafah city, south of Gaza Strip, when the family of the deceased Osama Ahmad Qashta canceled the interview, saying that the case was too sensitive. However, Fahid Qashta, a relative who was also Osama’s friend, told me over the phone that Osama was not affiliated with any Palestinian organization. Described as an extremely peaceful person, he lived in Misrata in Libya, where he was a teacher. He was also married with one child, called Abdel Ghani. However, circumstances pushed him to take part in the jihad when the Libyan revolution broke out. He later stayed in Gaza Strip for a while and visited his relatives.

Qashta added, “I did not notice any changes in his complexion, and his beard was always shaved. However, in his last days, his beard appeared long in some photos we took. Most of his family members have a long beard, though. This does not necessarily mean that he became Salafist.”

Qashta clarified that the martyr Osama returned to Libya, and then traveled to Syria by land to participate in the jihad. Qashta expressed his anger toward the claims spread on the Internet after his relative’s death saying that he was close to a Hamas leader. He denied any knowledge of Osama’s partisanship to Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria, which declared him dead over the Internet.

In a coffee shop in Gaza, Muhammad Hijazi, an expert on Islamic and Salafist groups, explained that Salafist jihadism is a global phenomenon, not a local one. It moves from certain regions of tension to others. It moved from Afghanistan to Iraq, then to Libya. He noted that its mission, at the beginning of the ’80s, was to fight the Soviet Union. However, after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, Salafist jihadism took its mission to the socialist South Yemen. After the region fell to North Yemen, the Salafist jihadists moved to Chechnya, Caucasia and Sudan, then to Algeria, Iraq and Libya and now Syria.

Hijazi said the members are getting to Syria through Iraq and Turkey, since the border is open. Many of them are currently involved in Jabhat al-Nusra. Salafists in Jordan constitute around half of the total number of militants in Syria, amounting approximately to 4,000 fighters and residing in rural areas.

Moreover, he noted that they are financed by Gulf and Islamic charities, especially in Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabi ideology intrinsically supports this dogma, while some countries, like Qatar, are using Salafists for political ends and jihadist purposes. Hijazi considered unofficial political oil money to be the biggest sponsor for such movements.

Hijazi added that Salafists in Gaza are supported by an international network of small associations, whose mission is to offer logistical support. Those provide individuals with money and means to move to regions of tension. Through them, Salafists get salaries, visas and tickets and are directed to the conflict regions, where there is a political vacuum. The associations make sure to help them move around easily, and often, the countries that are the source of financing are aware of that. He said he considered Syria a favorable environment, where this trend that opposes the revolution’s principles of liberalism can constantly grow, as long as money and weapons are available.

Asmaa al-Ghoul is a journalist and writer from the Rafah refugee camp based in Gaza.

Sharia Court Orders Authorizes FSA to Loot Syrians’ Properties

Sharia Court Orders Authorizes FSA to Loot Syrians' Properties

First lieutenant Mohammad Arour is allowed to enter the factory owned by Firas Karbouj (Al Farasha factory), and to deem it a location for his activities. No machinery or material shall be removed from the factory, unless this contradicts with any other order.

Document dated 6the of February, allowing the terrorists of the so called FSA to establish their location in a factory.
The reader may assume that they will not badger with the property of the factory, however, there is a condition, “unless this contradicts with any other order”, which means that they are allowed to move the contents of the factory if they think there is reason to do so.

First document:The Shariah Committee orders Mr. Abu Fahad Hajji, Homs, to take possession of the foods warehouse in the village of Naqqarin, owned by “Sweid” family, on the grounds that foodstuff are being kept there for monopoly reasons. He shall not dispose of these goods until the Sharia committee approves.

“document of seizing the goods in a warehouse. After investigation, we found out that it is a small site, while silos of grains and wheat were totally empties”.

docum nusra44

Second:Brother Abu Abdo Al Zain is appointed to safetuard Izz Al Din Aqqad factory in Al Haydariyya neighborhood. We request the brothers not to interrupt his task and ask them to cooperate with him in this matter. The factory is owned by Sheikh Izz Al Din Aqqad, witnesses are: Jalal Mohammad Mohammad, Mohammad Basrawi Al Abd and Zakarria Mohammad Al Mohammad

Document allowing members of the so called FSA to enter the area under the pretense of “safeguarding”. One of the witnesses mentioned that “the guardianship was compulsory, we will secure your factory whether you said yes or no, and you will pay us regardless of anything else.”


docum nusra 33







Third:Mr. Abi Dardaa, from the Qadissiya Men Battakion, is allowed to enter Sameer Bitar’s establishment in Sheikh Najjar area, and to remove a white Kia Sportage in addition to all the contents of the establishment. Rebels are requested to cooperate with him.

This is a “template” document, which means that such “orders” are used and issued continuously by what they call “Sharia committee”

First lieutenant Mohammad Arour is allowed to enter the factory owned by Firas Karbouj (Al Farasha factory), and to deem it a location for his activities. No machinery or material shall be removed from the factory, unless this contradicts with any other order.
docum nusra 55
Fourth Document dated 6the of February, allowing the terrorists of the so called FSA to establish their location in a factory.
The reader may assume that they will not badger with the property of the factory, however, there is a condition, “unless this contradicts with any other order”, which means that they are allowed to move the contents of the factory if they think there is reason to do so.



Levant woman


just this morning when i was surfing the net, I saw that photo. women covered in black from the head to the toe .. they were actually armed women. 

for a moment my imagination started playing that movie in my head.. with a lot of what ifs .. 


what is the revolution if not to make us better people, civilized people.. I am not to be covered, I am not his wife nor his daughter.. I am the start point and the destination.. and no one in this world is allowed to tell me how i am supposed to be .. who i am.. 

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Copied from original post on Blogger, but since ‘freedom of speech’ is promoted by the USA and its stooges, Blogger is banned for Syria under the US imposed sanctions, and we have to find different ways to keep in touch with our people there.

Under the title: Misleading Media on Syria – Shaping Public Opinion, I aim to post a few examples of how the NATO aligned mainstream media is used to systematically shape public opinion by fabricating, misleading, dis-informing and deliberately manipulating in order to further the goal of theirs paymasters.

I endeavor to show irrefutable evidence of incidents that occurred while the NATO media was playing a huge role in demonizing the Syrian state, its army, its police & security forces, even normal people who just didn’t support the NATO imposed ‘spontaneous public uprising’ on them. These examples, aired by media channels based inside Syria, have caused these channels to be…

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Allain Jules

Syria emblemeToute honte bue, la langue n’ayant pas fourché, Manuel Valls (vidéo)a reconnu qu’il y a une vingtaine de djihadistes français en Syrie. Plutôt une centaine, des petits voyous à la semaine recrutés en banlieue par le Qatar. Mais ça, il ne le dit pas. Ces derniers, désoeuvrés, avec des parcours tortueux et abracadabrantesques se sont donc retrouvés en Syrie, pour avoir un petit pécule pour subvenir aux besoins de leurs familles. Mais, pourquoi personne ne lui demande quel sera le sort réservé à ces gtens quand ils rentreront en France, s’ils sont vivants ? Motus et bouche cousue, ils servent une cause “juste” à leur yeux. Et pourtant, ceux qui combattent au Mali sont…chut…

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Friends of Syria

DAMASCUS, (SANA)_The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry stressed the importance that the UN unequivocally condemns the attacks of the armed terrorist groups on the civilians in the forces’ disengagement area in the Syrian Golan and the UN forces.

485055_498596413538001_396072877_nIn two identical letters addressed to the president of the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General on the detention of 21 UNDOF observers by an armed group near Jamleh village near the forces’ disengagement area in the Syrian Golan , the ministry said that the Syrian government has fully cooperated with the UNDOF command through a one-sided ceasefire as it cares for the safety of the UN forces.

”The Syrian government was surprised when informed that the gunmen carried the abducted observers to Jordan instead of releasing them unconditionally and handing them over to the force command,” the ministry said, warning that ”this might encourage a repetition of the incident by the…

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Croatia-an important node of weapons delivery for terrorist in Syria ,at American orders

Croatia-an important node of weapons delivery for terrorist in Syria ,at  American orders

The United States has coordinated the shipment thousands of tons of weapons from Croatia to the militants in Syria with assistance from the UK and other European countries, a report says.

The Croat newspaper Jutarnji List, which provided the fullest details on the arms shipments, claimed that 3,000 tons of weapons, paid for by Saudi Arabia as requested by the US, have been airlifted from Zagreb airport in 75 planeloads to the militants through Jordan since November.

Previous reports had said that the weapons dated back to the former Yugoslavia but the newspaper revealed that they also came “from several other European countries including Britain.”

A spokesman for the Foreign Office rejected the report, saying “the UK has not supplied weapons to the Syrian opposition.”

The weapons include rocket launchers, recoil-less guns and the M79 anti-tank weapons .Russian-made Ilyushin jets from Jordanian International Air Cargo have regularly been seen in Zagreb airport in recent months.

The first cargo planes involved in the shipments were, according to the report, from Turkey, which also helped organize the transfer of the arms through Jordan.

Reports of the Croatian weapons in Syria first came to the surface last month when Eliot Higgins, an arms expert who blogs under the name Brown Moses, noticed in the videos posted on the YouTube that the militants had weapons in their hands not seen before in the two-year conflict.


VIDEO: JUTARNJI OTKRIVA U 4 mjeseca za Siriju sa zagrebačkog aerodroma Pleso otišlo 75 aviona sa 3000 tona oružja!

Zagreb je postao međunarodni centar za dostavu naoružanja sirijskoj oporbi

U razdoblju od početka studenog prošle godine, do veljače ove godine, sa zagrebačkog aerodroma Pleso poletjelo je ukupno 75 transportnih civilnih aviona kojima je prevoženo naoružanje za sirijske pobunjenike, saznaje Jutarnji list iz diplomatskih izvora. Tim avionima je, osim hrvatskog oružja, prevoženo i oružje iz drugih europskih država, čije su prikupljanje organizirale Sjedinjene Američke Države.


New York Times potvrdio informacije Jutarnjeg lista: ‘Sirijski pobunjenici naoružani su hrvatskim puškama!’
TRANSFER HRVATSKOG ORUŽJA POBUNJENICIMA U SIRIJI Sve je dogovoreno prošlog ljeta u Washingtonu!
TAJNA LETOVA JORDANSKIH AVIONA S PLESA Sirijski pobunjenici dobivaju oružje preko Zagreba!
Prema riječima naših sugovornika, prva dva do tri prijevoza oružja izvršila je turska aviokompanija Turkish Cargo, u vlasništvu Turkish Airlinesa, a potom je prijevoz preuzela jordanska kompanija Jordanian International Air Cargo.

‘ZBOG NAŠEG IZVJEŠĆA HRVATSKE PLAVE KACIGE VIŠE NISU SIGURNE’ NY Times o povlačenju hrvatskih vojnika s Golana
Sve donedavno smatralo se da je visoki hrvatski dužnosnik s američkim kolegama, o čemu je pisao New York Times, dogovarao prijevoz viška hrvatskog neperspektivnog naoružanja za sirijske pobunjenike. No, prema pouzdanim diplomatskim izvorima, plan naoružavanja sirijskih pobunjenika imao je mnogo širi kontekst.

Naime, američki dužnosnici angažirali su partnere – Hrvatsku, Saudijsku Arabiju, Jordan i Tursku u operaciji naoružavanja protivnika sirijskog režima. Sjedinjene Države organizirale su prikupljanje oružja, Saudijska Arabija je plaćala, a Jordan i Turska prevozile su oružje koje je potom s jordanskog teritorija prebacivano u Siriju.

Hrvatska uloga bila je dvojaka. Ona je dio viškova svog naoružanja – raketne bacače M79 i RPG-22, ručne bacače granata RBG-6 te bestrzajne topove M60 izdvojila iz svojih skladišta. Nepoznata količina tog naoružanja u Siriju je otišla početkom studenog prošle godine sa zagrebačkog Plesa turskim avionima A310. No, na Pleso je u američkoj organizaciji dopremano i oružje iz nekoliko europskih zemalja, među njima i Velike Britanije, koje je potom transportnim avionima Jordanian International Carga otpremano u Jordan, a potom u Siriju.

TRANSFER HRVATSKOG ORUŽJA POBUNJENICIMA U SIRIJI Sve je dogovoreno prošlog ljeta u Washingtonu!

Tako bi se moglo kazati da je Pleso nekoliko mjeseci bilo međunarodno središte za prijevoz oružja za sirijske pobunjenike. Kako su za prijevoz korišteni avioni A310 i Iljušin 76MF, procjenjuje se da je tijekom 75 letova prevezeno oko 3000 tona različitog oružja i streljiva.

Da oružje u velikim količinama stiže pobunjenicima u Siriju, može se provjeriti i na snimkama objavljenim na YouTubeu. Na njima se pobunjenici hvale novim vrstama oružja, u čijem su u posjedu. Prema tvrdnjama zapadnih medija, to oružje u Siriju je stiglo u organizaciji Amerikanaca i Turaka.

Kako nam tvrde naši sugovornici, cijela operacija prijevoza oružja s Plesa postala je sigurnosno upitna nakon što su se u Oblasnoj kontroli nadzora zračnog prometa BiH počeli raspitivati odakle iznenada toliko letova jordanske kompanije iz Zagreba. Također je i u Zagrebu primijećeno iznenadno učestalo slijetanje jordanskih transportnih aviona. Prema našim izvorima, upitno je koliko je oružja došlo u ruke Slobodne sirijske vojske, koju podupire zapad, a koliko u ruke različitih militantnih džihadskih pokreta. Tih pokreta je, prema nekim procjenama, više desetaka, koji se bore protiv sirijskog režima.

Prema nedavno objavljenim snimkama na YouTubeu, dio oružja za koje se smatra da je iz hrvatskih vojnih skladišta, završio je i u rukama džihadskog pokreta Ahram al-Sham. To je potvrdio i njihov glasnogovornik koji je kazao da oni dijele oružje sa Slobodnom sirijskom vojskom.

Prema nekim informacijama, oružje koje je preko Zagreba stiglo u Siriju, dospjelo je i u ruke brigade Mučenika Jarmuka, koji su prije dva dana kod Golanske visoravni oteli 20 filipinskih pripadnika UN-a. Upravo činjenica da bi oružje moglo završiti u rukama pripadnika militantnih pokreta, najviše straši zapadne političare te većina zemalja ustraje na tome da embargo EU na uvoz oružja Siriji i nadalje ostane na snazi. Taj embargo podržala je i Hrvatska, i formalno ga ovom operacijom nije prekršila, jer je oružje prodala Jordanu.

U cijeloj priči Hrvatska se pokazala kao pouzdani partner SAD-a. Washington je odigrao krucijalnu ulogu u procesu ulaska Hrvatske u NATO i sada u Europsku Uniju. Osim toga, američko ministarstvo obrane u velikoj mjeri opremom i naoružanjem potpomaže Hrvatsku vojsku u Afganistanu te osigurava besplatni prijevoz naših vojnika u misiju ISAF. Stoga je potpuno jasno da je Hrvatska kao vjerna saveznica pozitivno odgovorila na američki zahtjev za sudjelovanje u operaciji dopreme oružja u Siriju.

Josipović uputio službeni zahtjev za povlačenje hrvatskih mirovnjaka
Predsjednik Josipović uputio je saborskim zastupnicima na potvrdu svoju odluku o povlačenju 97 hrvatskih vojnika iz misije UN-a na Golanskoj visoravni u Siriji. Svoju odluku obrazlaže pogoršanjem sigurnosne situacije na Golanu te navodi kako se povlačenjem sprječava izloženost vojnika mogućoj pogibelji. Saborski zastupnici o ovoj odluci bi trebali raspravljati na sljedećoj sjednici, a odluku moraju donijeti dvotrećinskom većinom. Ukoliko Sabor odbije potvrditi predsjednikovu odluku, vojnici ostaju na Golanu.

Povlačenje iz misije UNDOF prošlog je tjedna najavio premijer Milanović, obrazlažući to medijskim napisima o prodaji hrvatskog oružja sirijskim pobunjenicima. Nakon donošenja odluka, vojni vrh je već počeo s pripremama za povlačenje, a ministar obrane Ante Kotromanović je najavio da bi vojnici mogli biti povučeni u roku mjesec dana. Povlačenje vojnika bit će organizirano preko izraelskog teritorija.

Zagrebul a devenit un centru international pentru livrarea de arme către opoziția armata siriana

În perioada de la începutul lunii noiembrie a anului trecut până în februarie acest an, de la aeroportul Pleso-din Zagreb au zburat un numar total de 75 aeronave de transport civile, care au transportat arme pentru insurgentii din Siria, a scris ziarul Jutarnji ce spune ca a aflat aceste informatii din surse diplomatice. Aceste avioane, în afară de armele croate transportate,au livrat armament și din alte țări europene, de a căror colectare s-au ocupat si a fost atent monitorizate de catre Statele Unite ale Americii.

New York Times a confirmat informațiile obtinute Jutarnji: “rebelii sirieni sunt înarmați cu arme croate!”
Discuțiile pentru inarmarea membrilor mișcării au fost conduse de ambasadorul Josko Paro
Transferul de arme rebelilor din Siria au fost aranjate vara trecută la Washington si au fost transportate cu ajutorul Turkish Airline, Turkish Cargo, detinut de Turkish Airlines si preluate de Jordanian International Air Cargo.

“Datorită raportului nostru căștile albastre croate nu mai sunt în siguranță” a mentionat ziarul amintind si de articolul NY Times despre retragerea trupelor croate din Golan.

Concret, oficialii americani i-au angajat pe partenerii din Croația, Arabia Saudită, Iordania și Turcia in operatiunea de armare a teroristilor din Siria Statele Unite ale Americii a organizat colectarea de arme, Arabia Saudită plătit pentru acestea și Iordania și Turcia au transportat efectiv armele, care au fost apoi transferate de pe teritoriul Iordaniei în Siria.

Rolul Croației a fost dublu. Aceasta furnizat lansatoare de rachete M79 și RPG-22, grenade de mână ,lansatoarele arme RBG-6 și M60 cu recul din stocurile lor. Cantitati necunoscute de arme au fost introduse în Siria la începutul lunii noiembrie a anului trecut, din Zagreb ,cu ajutorul avioanelor turcesti A310.Dar organizația americană a trimis insurgentilor și arme din mai multe țări europene, printre care Marea Britanie, ce au fost transportate de Jordanian Cargo International si livrate în Iordania și apoi Siria.

Avioanele utilizate pentru transport A310 și 76MF Ilyushin, se estimează că au efectuat peste 75 de zboruri si au transportat aproximativ 3000 de tone de arme și muniții diferite.
Croația s-a dovedit a fi un partener de încredere al Statelor Unite. Washingtonul a jucat un rol crucial în procesul de aderare la NATO, croat și intrarea acestui stat in Uniunea Europeană . În plus, Departamentul Apărării al SUA echipeaza cu arme și sprijină armata croată în Afganistan și oferă transport gratuit pentru trupele lor in misiunea ISAF. Prin urmare, este clar :Croația care este un aliat fidel a răspuns pozitiv la solicitarea SUA de a participa la furnizarea de arme către Siria.

Josipovic a trimis o cerere oficială pentru retragerea membrilor din fortele croate de menținere a păcii in Golan.Retragerea din misiunea UNDOF a fost anunțata săptămâna trecută de catre prim-ministrul Milanovic,urmand ca acestea sa stationeze pe teritoriul entitatii sioniste.

Levant woman

Time flies like the wind, that’s what is written in the books. I think he who wrote these words is not alive by now otherwise he should take a look back at it. I will tell you why: here in Syria, a glance at the near future makes me think my daughter and my younger sister will have to fight for the same reasons my mom had to fight for. Mom had to fight for her right in higher education, for her freedom of choice which could be ranging from her freedom to choose what her hair would look like or whether she wants to wear hijab or not, to the freedom of how she wants to raise her kids.

In my life, I didn’t have to fight for women staff. I didn’t even think I will be writing or thinking about this issue. Now some will say that I…

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