Piazza della Carina

Because it teaches immorality, disbelief and misguidance “Raqqa city schools turned to the squares of” cleansing “carried out by “al-Nusra Front “, which entered the city and wreaked havoc.

“Prince of Raqqa”, who is not fluent in writing or even reading screaming, as he burns textbooks in one of Raqqa schools that they broke in to be cleared of “secularism”.

Civil sources have spoken to Breaking News Network that “al-Nusra Front” members have broken into a number of schools in the city and they have burned the school books that they found within, before it become locations for them.

The sources have said that “the insurgents have cheered during the burning of the books, that according to them teaches the Syrian immorality, disbelief and misguidance, and demanded the neighborhood residents to tear out these books that does not serve them anything but a secular books do not teach the true…

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  1. carinaragno says:

    thank you
    Cartalucci (Land Destroyer) has new one also, it is very good, hope people read and listen

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