Muslims killed…by Mujrmeen!

Muslims Mujrmeen!

Fight in Syria had included since day one, attack on its secular nature. Sheikh AlBouti was the latest and most prominent victim of a two years attack on Syrian religious figures. An attack that was launched by FSA on Muslims and Christians who refused to fall prey to the intended civil war
scenario. Here are some other martyrs who preferred death to giving up on the true essence of their religions or order the killing of their own nation. They all loved Syria more than they loved money or their next breath:

Dr. M. Sa’id Ramadan Al-Bouti was murdered on 21/3/2013 in Al-Eman mosque in Damascus by a suicide bomber while giving a religion lesson. 48 others were killed by the terrorist attack. AlBouti’s only fault was teaching peace, and tolerance. He was adamant in his support to the Syrian Arab Army, he just recently called all Muslims to fight against FSA extremists. More on AlBouti achievements:
They are targeting all Syrians all Real Patriot Syrians..Those Wahhabis are targeting all Syrians no matter which religions are follow ,,they want to destroy all the meanings about humanity and tolerance Syria have handle it since thousands years ago ….i’ll let you with this report to see why they killed Sheikh Al Bouti
Fatwa Killing Bouti Analysis Of Any Muslim
fatwaa about killing al Bouti made by Egyptian Muslim brotherhood cleric

interacted issue speech on last Friday, which delivered preacher Sheikh Mohammed Bouti when he said that the Syrian army are saints, they are one of the noblest people, they are like companions, owners Prophet, the Messenger of Allah, and that their war is a war of the will of God, and God’s sake, unlike killers unbelievers who kill the Syrian people, and massacred children and destroying villages, and obtain money from countries that want bad for Syria, and want to demolish what we have built in Syria’s refusal to Israelis and undergo Zionism.
said: that all Syrian Arab Army Are companions inevitably, though these do not know what the meaning of the companions, What is the meaning of fidelity to the Prophit Mohamed, I do not depart from the Regime , or depart from the policy or the other, but started from the principle of the right,Are not the Syrian Arab Army was made thousands of soldiers from Muslims and Arabs in the fight against the Israeli enemy? He said to Al-Qaradawi You fighting us from the studio in the Al Jazeera television, prefers Come and visit Quneitra at least, To undertook the destruction Israel was did, the faking struggle of Manama in palaces and hotels first class thing, and come stay in Damascus between people who are suffering of car bombs and Bombings is ordered disgusting, but its an honor for us that we in Damascus are steadfast. And like our leads President Assad Samed and steadfast not be subject for all pressures.
then he went to Mohammed Badi’e, who has asked for the blood of al Bouti and demanded a Fatwa to kill him, he said to him, and either the certificate it is an invitation calls from the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Mohammad, and if I die Iits for Islam is the largest honor for me because there of lot who Already every day become martyrs for Syria Arabism for real Islamic Syria and for Syria nationalism.

tell me what you make for the most of Syria nationally, what did you bring more for the Islam in Syria, what did you bring more than Syrian sacrifices, if blood!?, I’ll tell You Syrian Shed in successive wars, if money incomes of Syria slim and we pay most for weapons to protect ourselves, and if faith in God, the mosques of Hama and Homs and Aleppo, Damascus and Dar’aa and all areas ring prayers and faith, and those of us who keep on Real Islam, and we’ll protect Islam, and you Dear Sheikh which you allowed and analyzes my blood Why not analyze all the blood from guarding the Israeli embassy in Cairo,
I am and I Swear the God if in Damascus Israeli flag raise,I’ll leave the city ,but what about you over your head you are flying the Israeli flag in Cairo, and You speaking about the struggle. Then he said Buti, that Qaradawi face to talk offensive and said I Catch money from Sultan, and I Catch money for my remarks, and the correct true that resistance line is a Syrian Line and here the line of fighting and Struggles, either Manama is a symbol of orgy of arrogance and a symbol of homosexuals and the symbol of a deviation from Islam. Do not say anymore that you are defending Sunnis as long as you raising Israeli flag in your capitals. We in Syria as long as we live , We are in Syria as long as one Syrian still alive , if everyone of you met and wanted to raise the Israeli flag in the Syria he will be the Martyr after he falling the flag down , either you living under the Israeli flag and this is the biggest shame, and if you deny our soldiers that they are not companions and they represent the Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him I’will tell you Our soldiers are fighting because they refuse to sign with the Israeli enemy and Gives any inch’s of Tiberias, and our ocupied lands, and in case,I’ll remind you the words of the late President Hafez Al Assad in presence of all of us elders Sunnis and others said that ending the war with Israel thing and by peace agreement is something else. For Syria before ending the war and there are countries such as Mexico and Australia ended the war between them or there is no war, but no one Compulsory to exchange embassies and no one obligatory to trade between each other and we if we signed contract ending the war does not mean that there will be an Israeli embassy in Damascus or business relationships and interests joint it just means a cease-fire and end the state of war and no one can force people to engage and friendship with someone else, but he can stop him from hitting someone else.
from here I will tell you I’m staying in Damascus, proud about my Arabism proud about My Islam and proud about Syrian sacrifices people and the Syrian army.

here is the reply of Badi’s he Issued a fatwa against Al Bouti allowed his blood which its mean what’s happen yesterday!

As for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has denounced booed great Sheikh Mohammed Badi Muslim Brotherhood leader said Bouti that Syrian soldiers are companions and told him how allow yourself to be described Syrian soldiers as companions, by the name of God i analyze your blood and decreed kill, and that every Muslim able to reach your neck to come to you and To cut your nick Must cut!
said: I deny every Muslim prays behind calling Bouti in the mosque, and if the Syrian regime prevents you from remove him, then at least boycotted Whole the mosuqe in which preaches a sermon not listen to this infidel his punish hour so close and so hard!
Sheikh Hassan Bertawy, Imam of AlNawawy mosque in Ruken Addin was assassinated by FSA on 27/8/2012. The terrorists who were stalking him had shot him in front of his house in Ruken Addin – Damascus. The Sheikh had appeared repeatedly on Syrian tv, he was known for being pro-regime. Before assassinating him the terrorists had threatened him against appearing on tv, and went as far as burning his home.

Sheikh Abd Al-Latiff AlShami was kidnapped by FSA from Amneh mosque in Seif AlDawleh – Aleppo, while praying early on Friday 25/7/2012. He was kidnapped right in front of the worshippers. The kidnappers had fired warning shots to stop people from aiding the Sheikh. His body was found few hours later in Seif AlDawleh park. The Sheikh had participated in several pro-regime functions, held hands with priests in show of a united secular Syria…

Dr. Mohamad Ahmad Awf AlSadik, the Imam of Anas Bin Malek mosque in AlMidan – Damascus was killed on 15/2/2012. Terrorists opened fire on the Sheikh’s car while he was heading home. The Sheikh had appeared more than once on the Syrian tv, he asked Saudi Sheikhs on live tv just days before his murder “How can you ban protesting in Saudi Arabia and allow it in Syria”. The martyr had a doctorate in Sharia, was married and had four children.

Sheikh Adnan Saab, the Imam of AlMuhamady mosque in Mezzeh – Damascus was killed on 19/3/2013. His car was bombed while he was heading from his home in AlZahera to the mosque to perform morning prayers.

Sheikh Naser AlAlawi, the Imam of Sayda Zainab mosque was killed on 14/4/2012 while going back home in Sayda Zainab from the evening prayers. He was shot from a close range; those who were present said it was like an execution. The murdered was a renowned Shia cleric.

Sheikh Abd Allah AlSaleh, head of Islam affairs “Oqaf” in Raqqa. He was killed on 30/12/2012 in front of his house. The Sheikh was known to for his pro-regime stance.

Priest Basilios Nassar was killed in Kafer Bahem – Hama on 25/1/2012. FSA had shot the priest who was trying to aid an injured man, a Muslim.

Priest Fady Haddad was found dead on 25/10/2012 in Rif Dimashq. The priest was kidnapped while giving FSA ransom to release a hostage from his congregation in Qatana. His body was found maimed, his eyes gouged & his head scalp removed.

Beside the attack on religious figures, FSA came with a hit-list full of intellectual figures to take out, scientists, prominent actors, doctors, researchers, generals. They’re trying to take back Syria to the stone age, just like they did in Iraq, to read more:

الإرهاب الثوري والقاعدي والحر يستهدف كل شيء علماء ومثقفين واطباء وكتاب ورجال دين وأباء

هذه قائمة شهداء سوريا من رجال الدين من كافة الانتماءات الدينية ، لتكون شاهدة على ان الارهاب ما هو الا حقدا موجها الى الدولة السورية سياسة وشعبا ومجتمعا ودينا ، ليقتلوا الاعتدال ويقيموا فكرهم الظلامي المتطرف :

شيخ الشهداء العلامة محمد سعيد رمضان البوطي الذي استشهد في تفجير انتحاري في مسجد الايمان يوم 21-3-2013

الشهيد الشيخ محمد احمد عوف صادق إمام مسجد أنس بن مالك في دمشق .. استشهد في 15-2-2012

الشهيد الاب فادي حداد كاهن كنيسة قطنا للروم الأرثوذكس الذي اختطف من قبل ميليشيات القاعدة ووجدت جثته منكلة بها في قطنا يوم 25-10-2012

الشهيد الشيخ عبد اللطيف الشامي إمام مسجد أمنة بنت وهب في حلب … استشهد في 25-7-2012

الشهيد الشيخ حسن برتاوي خطيب جامع الإمام النووي في ركن الدين في دمشق … استشهد في 27-8-2012

الشهيد الأب باسيليوس نصار كاهن كنيسة ما إلياس الغيور في مدينة كفربهم … استشهد في 25-1-2012 في حماة أثناء اسعافه أحد الجرحى

الشهيد الشيخ عدنان صعب إمام مسجد المحمدي في المزة بدمشق … استشهد في 19-3-2013

الشهيد الشيخ عبد القدور جبارة الذي استشهد وأصيب شقيقه قرب مقام السيدة زينب في دمشق يوم 15-6-2012

الشهيد الشيخ العلامة سيد ناصر العلوي .. امام حسينية الحوزة العلوية في دمشق .. استشهد في 14-4-2012

الشهيد الشيخ عبد الله صالح مدير اوقاف الرقة … استشهد في 30-12-2012

الشهيد الشيخ عباس اللحام إمام مرقد السيدة رقية في دمشق … استشهد في 13-5-2012

رحم الله شهدائنا من عسكريين وعلماء ومدنيين

للنشر في كل مكان

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