Piazza della Carina

Syrian towns of Nubbol and Baldat al Zahraa resist the inhuman terror of the Free Syrian Army.

The following report of Vesti.ru seems a little bit like the famous tale of the Gaulish village. At least for the region north of Aleppo, near the Turkish border.

Around 45,000 people are there almost cut off completely from the outside world, surrounded by a rebel-controlled area and they do not give up the resistance since a half year.

The humanitarian situation is catastrophic, but there is an air bridge to Aleppo, which, however, is far from sufficient in order to supply all the people there with all the necessities.

The report can also testify of it, that large parts of the country, at least in northern Syria, are no longer controlled by the government for quite some time. A few other elements of the report sound a bit strange, but overall, it…

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  1. carinaragno says:

    sorry the photos are gone, but glad i have the text, the website was taken offline, not sure why ….

    • they take down everything related to Anastasia! Nothing on Google search about Geneva/ Switzerland >>> a Conference called “Syria , what the Medias don’t tell us” with the Russian Journalist Anastasia Popova,

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