Friends of Syria

The rhetoric in regards to kidnappings in Syria is quite amazing, when there are claims that it is done by the government the words ‘regime thugs’ or ‘shabiha’ suddenly spring up on the mainstream media. When it is an act perpetrated by the opposition, the words ‘fighters’ and ‘rebels’ are seldom not used.

The latest case is the American James Foley, kidnapped by an extremist group, the independent refers to the terrorists who kidnapped him as ‘gunmen’ or ‘insurgents’, the Guardian describes them as ‘armed men’ not terrorists, not radicals, not jihadis but gunmen, mere gunmen. Why would you border on glorifying extremists groups who kidnap western journalists.

It is as though there is a hesitancy to say things the way they are, this is a crime within itself, destroying objectivity and impartiality. In the Iraq, Afghanistan wars the word terrorists was used so frequently that the public were presented…

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