Friends of Syria

Most migrants, who fled from the Syrian villages of Rabla and Kasir to al-Kah village in Lebanon, still fear media appearance. The threat and terror they witnessed lately by the so-called Free Syrian Army, and the kidnapping and murder practiced against them put them in a state of caution and fear from these acts.


The Christians of Rabla and Kasir refused to receive aid from the European Commission for Humanitarian Aid and treatment from the migrant clinic, since they consider Qatar the major funder of these centres and the armed terrorist groups who drove them unrightfully from their homes.

Qatar, in their opinion, is an accomplice in the vandalising and murder, so these migrants make do with the slight aid packages from Caritas organisation, the village’s Church, its municipality, and the benevolent from al-Kah residents.

Moreover, the number of Christian families who migrated to al-Kah village are estimated at about…

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