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Idleb countryside: over 50 FSA terrorists, 15 leaders, killed by Syrian Arab Army

10 members of the FSA terrorists militias, 9 leaders, were killed in a brilliant military operation led by Syrian Arab Army targeting terrorists in Idleb countryside, while Syrian Arab Army was continuing in cleaning the area from the armed men of the so called “battle al-Banin al-Marsos”, in Ma’art al-Nu’man.

Syrian Arab Army forces hit positions of armed terrorist militias in Kafroma area of Ma’art al-Nu’man countryside, which resulted in the death of 17 armed men.

Official local reported that the wanted criminal leader, Juma’a Mahmoud al-Deon, who is also called “al-Qabdani”, was shot to death by Syrian Arab Army, wile another army unit killed  Hasan al-Sheikh Hamed al-Husein, terrorist “leader” also wanted by Syrian Forces.

Syrian Arab Army destroyed a position of the al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist group “al-Nusra Front”, killing 23 armed men, including…

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