Village of Aqrab:
The village of Aqrab is an Alawite village between the coastal city of Tartus and the city of Hamah.

The “revolutionists for democracy” attacked the village that consists of 500 inhabitants and made a siege around it as a hostage demanding to free 5 of their leaders.
The government (that the media call brutal and hosting the friend of Hitler) accepted to free the 5 terrorist leaders to protect the civilians of this village.

After the government freed them, Clnton’s friends didn’t honor the agreement and freed 300 out of 500 while the other 200 people have been kidnapped and disappeared! The “revolutionists for democracy”looted and devastated the village before they’ve left it!

A neutral TV, Al-Mayadeen, directed b Ghassan Bin Jiddo (that Tunisian man who quit Aljazeera) did a report from a neighbor village where the freed 300 inhabitants are refugee. The women described the drama they lived. One said while she was crying that women had to collect rain drops for their babies because the “activists of human rights” prevented even water, electricity, fuel from the village.

As usual, many media reported about a “massacre committed by the regime” and if you ask the “Syrian coalition” they will cry for the children.

I am a pro-dictator parrot? well then see this British investigation from Aqrab. This time, this British reporter Alex Thomson made the investigation FROM INSIDE SYRIA, FROM THE LOCATION! NOT FROM VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE.

For those who read Arabic, you can see this detailed explanation:

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