Friends of Syria

In the last episode of sound recordings published by al-Akhbar Lebanese newspaper, more sides of the Future Movement sinking into Syrian blood emerged, particularly former Prime Minister Saad Hariri and his MP Okab Saqr.

483578_414201121984413_1513796922_nAccording to the information, MP Saqr received a call from the spokesman of the Supreme Council of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” Louai al-Mokdad.

Saqr asked al-Mokdad to hold online until he finishes another call.

In his contact with the unknown man, Saqr confirmed that Maarat al-Noaman battle is heading towards decisiveness.

According to the source of the recordings, Saqr asserted that he is following the events, moment by moment, and that the region will not fall.

Meanwhile, Saqr promised the unknown man to keep him informed of every tiny detail and that he will not rest before the battle ends. As he ended his call with the unknown man, Saqr told al- Mokdad: “things are…

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