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Syrian mercenary terriorists arsenal includes up to 40 MANPADS provided by Qatar and Saudis

Based on an article from Washington Post on November 28, 2012, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have provided extensive help for Syria’s terrorists in recent months, providing money and weapons.

30 to 40 MANPADS (Man-portable air-defense systems) are in the hands of mercenaries and terrorists groups, as al-Qaeda and FSA, is suggested by regional intelligence services.

“The proliferation of manpads in Syria is a concern because of the danger that they will be acquired by terrorists or other armed groups and used against civilian aircraft,” said Matt Schroeder, a senior analyst for the Federation of American Scientists in Washington.

“The small monarchy in the Persian Gulf gave these weapons to armed groups in Syria through the border with Turkey.” Said the newspaper.




L’arsenale dei mercenari terroristi in Siria include circa 40…

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