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the real Syrian Free Press


The FSA terrorists have opened fire on a demonstration, in which participators demanded the militia to leave the neighborhoods of Karem al-Jabal and al-Myassar, Aleppo. The gunshots resulted in dozens of civil victims.

In Deir Ezzor 5 terrorists got killed in attacking a checkpoint for Syrian Arab Army in al-Jbeileh neighborhood. Between them are included the bodies of Ayman al-Naser and Abed al-Salam al-Dar’awi, the leaders of the armed group.

In Edlib, unidentified terrorists detonated an explosive charge near the roundabout of al-Syaha, causing the serious injury of three Syrian Army soldiers.


I terroristi del FSA (Fake Syrian Army) hanno aperto il fuoco su una manifestazione, in cui i partecipanti stavano chiedendo ai miliziani di lasciare i quartieri di Karem al-Jabal ed al-Myassar, in Aleppo. Gli spari hanno provocato decine di vittime civili.

A Deir Ezzor 5 terroristi sono stati uccisi in un tentativo d’attacco ad un posto di…

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