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the real Syrian Free Press



Identity Trap — America, Black American, African American
Murdering Chinese Workers in Nigeria
Members of Muammar Gaddafi’s Family
Obama’s 2nd Term, What it Means to Africa
Biafra Deception in Nigeria
Britain Tells Obama to Engage More in Overthrow of Syria
Libyan Judge Orders Appearance of Mustafa Abdel Jalil on Killing of Abdel Fattah Younes
Zionist West Recruit More Terrorists to Fight in Syria
Terrorist Allies of United States Kidnap and Murders Palestinian Actor in Syria
US Foreign Policy Must Change
Why Obama Lost North Carolina
Hanging Effigy of Obama Driven Around Early Voting Site in North Carolina
After the US and Western Allies, Libya is Main Financier of the Syrian Opposition
Misrata’s Alliance with False Jews
Republicans’ Lie about Africom General Carter Ham’s Removal
Saudi King Urges UN Action Against Religious Insults
In USA, Mega Church Pastor Beaten To Death With Electric Guitar
Hurricane Sandy, Seat of Economic…

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