The Zionist military command decision to process “the column of clouds” -why now ?

To answer this question, we must assess the general scene.
With an active Arab media today to assess the role of Egypt known for its previous position and Salafist movement, there is a reality settled, the Egyptian position will not change ,as what happened in Egypt was not a change in the system, but only a change of the name of the puppet, leaving the essence the same as changing the title, so there is no fear for the Southwestern Front for Israel other than the quantum missile available in the hands of the Palestinian fighters.
Tunisia, Libya and Morocco? They are a replica of Egypt, but in different sizes, and the Libyan reality was taken to mold another substance and image.
Algeria ‘s secularism remained the only one existent in the North Africa, where the leadership of the “Arab Spring”, headed by Mr. Bernard Levy is waiting for the proper moment , and delayed the beginning of a social “struggle” only wait to see what it will accrue to the situation in Syria.

The most prominent change defined by this axis founded on the data emerging in recent years was the obvious reason for the pre-emptive war on Syria from the inside.After decades of known fragmentation of the Levant and sponsored disagreements among its leaders ,the weak link of it ,Iraq fell first as it was the cause of successive wars and crises spread from the days of Saddam Hussein’s power until today when the US ,under false pretext and after the bloodshed of millions of Iraqis managed to establish its troops closer to the borders of resistance.At the same time the accumulated expertise and experience in Syria, or in the occupied Palestine Syrian the axis of resistance became more aware of the potential and more aware of the limits of the power of the enemy.Syrian diplomacy succeeded to avoid the military conflict with Turkey as wished by Turkish leaders, like Erdogan and get the support of the Turkish people converted to strategic partners, and demonstrated this success ,when the split occurred in Turkey between the Turkish leadership and Turkish people who refused to accept their country being seen in the partnership of the Israeli-west axis.

Israel, since 1860, succeeded to create inside Syria and also inside Lebanon, loyal small groups for the Zionist project taking advantage of a few administrative corrupted elements trying to make it look, without succes,as a general sittuation present in Syria, symbols able to twist the reality ,covered up sometime, by slogans regarding development and construction nationalism and politics at other times.All of these groups began to fade in Lebanon and Syria, and the Western military project began to break-up, creating serious problems on the scene, in spite of all attempts to distort the reality .As a result, with the approaching end of the crisis done by Israelis inside Syria, reflected in the inevitable Syrian response to Israel and when the entity will be forced to face the failure of breaching the resistance for Gaza,and as we have mentioned , with a secured Southern front ,Israel decided that it must take advantage of the current conditions that would soon dissipate, in the Syrian crisis, to liquidate the outpost in Gaza.
Arab League?
After the failure of UNSC to stop and condemn Israel( as always) and where all its active members are the players of the game by Israeli side, AL sobs in front of cameras ,visits the destructed sites of the murdered Palestinians and giggles in the back of the stage counting the money! Why don’t the Gulfers ask for real support of the Palestinians?Why not asking for the arming of resistance,as they did for the terrorists in Syria?Treacherous Qatari Emir Identified Locations of Hamas Leaders during his Visit to Gaza where the residence and offices of a number of Hamas leaders were identified during the recent visit to the Gaza Strip by Zionist puppet Qatar’s King and later targeted by Israeli missile and bomb attacks, informed sources disclosed.

The treacherous emir of Qatar gifted a number of watches and ballpoint pens to Hamas leaders, which transmitted low-frequency signals to Israeli satellites, the sources, who asked to remain unnamed due to the sensitivity of the information, told FNA, adding that the Israeli military officials would then use the received signals to spot and assassinate senior Hamas officials when he arrived in Gaza on October 23 to become the first head of state to visit the besieged enclave since the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, took power in the territory five years ago. Qatari Emir has repeatedly met with Israeli leaders, and is working hard to boost the diplomatic clout of his small Persian Gulf country.The new wave of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip has claimed more than 41 lives since November 14. Ahmed al-Ja’abari, the popular and influential head of the Hamas military wing, the Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades, was assassinated in an Israeli attack on his car on Wednesday.On Friday, Ahmed Abu Jalal, a field commander of the Ezzedeen al-Qassam Brigades, was also killed in an Israeli airstrike on the central Gaza district of Maghazi.

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