*The Real Story* A Documentary Film: Scenes from The Conspiracy Chapters Against Syria

Starting from joint legal and moral responsibility of shouldering the sublime message of information embodied in professionally and objectively transferring truth to the public opinion away from the unilateral vision associated with political agendas, and strongly believing in the importance of working together as media institutions which work is regulated by media honor charter and the ethics of profession for a subjective information oriented towards national and nationalistic issues realizing glory and dignity of Arab people, rounding up their views and unifying their stances, it is important to state that Syria, since the beginning of the crisis it is passing through, is subject to a major media misleading campaign assumed by both Arab and foreign information media that have dedicated themselves as an information arm for the armed terrorist groups covering up their terrorist attacks against the Syrian people, both civilians and soldiers, and coordinating with them in fabricating and photographing massacres committed by those armed groups against Syrian citizens with a view to accusing the Syrian Arab army, order-keeping forces and the government, without any consideration of the circumstances, backgrounds and aims of committing such crimes, and to whom interest and within what contexts they have been committed, only for the purpose of defaming Syria and damaging its stances on Arab, regional and international levels.

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