#American snipers in Syria


For those who still insist on denying the faculty that reveals the presence of foreign terrorist fighters fighting against the Syrian army and killing the Syrians, please check out the following and judgment is left to you,,A German log has published an article questioning the presence of an American sniper in Syria after working as a journalist in Libya to be transformed into “fighters for freedom” because of what they called it “violence and criminality of the Libyan regime”. Those snipers were in Libya and after destroying Libya, they have come to Syria to be participants in shedding the Syrian blood as they have done in Libya. The German log has made a video of only 40 seconds called “Aleppo” the basis of this article. The video shows targeting a Syrian helicopter in Aleppo. This person appears in the video. The German log said that he is an American sniper. The Syrian network, Sham News Network, has completed the inquiry and ended up with evidences that leave no space for denying that fact that there are foreign “American” snipers fighting in Syria. First, this person appears in the video. The German log said that he is an American sniper.

His name is Kevin Patrick Dawes. He is from California, San Diego.

Second, this is his account on twitter. The last tweet send by him was on the 2nd of October. https://twitter.com/orac4321

On his account on twitter, there is something so remarkable, namely his relations with so many Syrian names of people who are so well-known for their Zionised stances.



Third, this is his account on youtube. The last participation by him was on the 28th of September. http://www.youtube.com/user/orac22He was called “Sirte sniper” because of his participation in killing many Libyans. There are many videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2llmx8XyrwFourth, another person called Mathew VanDyke who also participated in killing many Libyans has come to Syria as well. Check out this tweet on the 16th of October, where a journalist called Brown Moses tells VanDyke to say “hello” to Kevin Dawses if he spot him Aleppo. This means that both of them are in Aleppo; and of course, you can imagine how many Syrians were killed by these two insects.

Check out the pictures below,,



American Matthew VanDyke and Libyan Masood Bwisir, Libya

Freedom Fighter?

Mathew Vandyke spent 6 months in the prison to be released in order to fight for “freedom” in Syria as the Spanish website ABC reported.1-http://urs1798.wordpress.com/2012/10/17/amerikanischer-ex-libyen-sniper-nun-in-syrien-aleppo-syrien-syria/2– http://www.matthewvandyke.com/ar/3– http://www.abc.es/20121008/internacional/abci-siria-americano-201210071859.html

For those who insist on saying that the terrorism in Syria is nothing but a pure revolution by the Syrian people, would you use your minds just a little bit??!! If it is done by the Syrians, then why do we have fighters from ALL OVER THE WORLD?????!! WHY?!! The Syrians are fighting for their real freedom that the foreign and Arab killers want to take it from them. That is why the Syrians are being killed because they refuse to replace the real free and independent Syria with the Western-Zionized- Americanized- Qatarized- dependent Syria,,The revolution that declared by the people doesn’t need the whole world to help it in order to succeed. No will is stronger than the will of the people of any nation,, Waiting for the Syrian army to put its shoes on the heads of all of those mercenaries who are coming to kill the Syrian people,,

Thank you great Syrians in Sham News Network.http://www.facebook.com/shaaaamnews?ref=stream



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