Too many “2”

Chronology ?
Intervention under the Responsibility to Protect (R2P):an international legal norm meant to establish guidelines for the compromise of sovereignty in cases where national governments were unable or unwilling to protect their own people from atrocities,say its definition!
USE IT when:
1.There must be just cause
2. Use of force must be applied as a last resort
3. The intentions of the acting states must be good
4. Any action taken must be proportionate
5. There must be a reasonable chance of success
6. The action must be authorized by a legitimate authority
The legal ground for intervention are in this kind of case:
(1) self-defense,
(2) Security Council authorization
(3) invitation from the state’ s authority .
R2P has created a new vocabulary for talking about how to deal with situations through its language of” preventing and rebuilding”.
2001 :
-with the International helping ground, USA created the American secret agency P20G,the largest expansion into the world of black ops and covert action since the end of the Vietnam War in the 1970s,using agents provocateurs, killing civilians, money, drugs, or whatever was needed to justify R2P ! They did that by sponsoring the terrorist in Syria ,clearly targeting civilians and the SAA !What they didn’t know was that the Syrian stance is in the Syrians’ blood and that more they spill it ,more it will spread among those who were “neutral” at first,covering the third point but leading to the failure of the chance to touch the fifth point which went down to null !The double veto at the UN prevented the sixth ,3 times !What’s left?Provocation from another state,willing to help in the application of the plan :Turkey!So it entered the stage: violating the Syrian airspace -plan ruined by the brave Syrian soldier who shot it but,unfortunately for the warmonger erDOGanus ,proven to be a dead end .And here we are again:FSA’s mercenaries have got NATO bombs.They used it against their host to help it accomplish the Zionist plan!


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