On the road of destruction

On the road of destruction
Part one

   Syria-the cradle of civilization…Syria – the target of Zionism…Syria the magic place they are trying hard to destroy…
     In the past years we have witnessed big changes on each level of the international political or economical stage and there were enough puppets to apply the big plan and enough idiots who swallowed the change without a comment .The wave of “change” reached Syria too.I think it is a proven fact -the external influence- so I will not insist on this point.But I would like to ask questions and to analyse some facts.

Lavrov stressed,yesterday 27/09/2012, speaking in English. “We will not let him go…Not because we believe that he is indispensable. It does not matter to us who can rule Syria as long as Syria is democratic, free and comfortable to all minorities.””If Assad decides to step down, this will be his decision…We are not looking for someone who could replace him” the Russian diplomat said, adding that “personalities don’t matter.”What is the reason behind the Russian stance?What is the reason of other allies? What is the reason of most of Syrians for making such a choice?Why is the price to pay for independence so huge?Well,everyone is aware of the big lost in the Russian economy and military industry and the gate of Mediterranean,but why not accepting the change of the actors?Maybe because the option of dealing with the “opposition” was cut since the beginning ,when those based outside the borders of Syria defaced their servant attitude for the Zionists invaders?The same ones who intoxicated the “jihadists” minds with the idea that “the system” refused to fight for Golan while they were sharing bed with Israhell in hidden meetings,as their Gulf sponsors too?The “opposition” also claimed that they are not Al Qaeda ,as pictured by “the regime” but rebels fighting for freedom and later the Al Qaeda infiltrated Syria ( the Al Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahri called for “Jihad” against the Kuffer (infidels) in Syria since 2011)…WHY??? didn’t they start fighting those monsters instead sharing beds and food with them? Why did they keep fighting against the protectors of the homeland if they were not agreeing Al Qaeda?Maybe because they knew that America imposed as a payment of the huge arm influx?Is a seat in the political arena worth it? Or maybe international recognition? The Syrian fools ,with no education got stuck  in it:yes there were Syrians involved but who are they?We can observe two parts:the elite-some of the rich bastards with business in Gulf countries,Turkey or Europe who were affected by the crisis or who just wanted the aura of power …the second part are the bedouins or the villagers who would sell their mothers for money and who were given the illusion of being an important hero or a future “emir” of the targeted areas or one of the religious extremists who do not ask for payment but believing in his sick mind that slaughter is done in Allah’s name .Yes there are such believers:remember when the mujahedeen in Afganistan destroyed some of the ancient statues of Budha?America asked the “screen sheiks” and imams from Mecca to liberate fatwas against this destruction,with historical value ,and so they did.What about the slaughter of humans we witness these days?How many “screen sheiks” as Qaradawi or the monkey Araour,or worse,the sheiks of Mecca did speak against it? How many of them did you hear say:”it is haram to kill your neighbor,your partner in business?!It is “haram ” to behead humans?”.Were those monuments more important than life?
A few days ago we saw a few lunatics of the FSA saying they were wrong and they regret the choice they’ve made and they will be back with the Syrian Arab Army-I would send them straight on Israhell border and push them in front line of fire or just made them hunt their latest bed companions with slaughter habits and jihadist claims-but that is just me…one good point in it,thou:when you realize you were fooled you try to fix it…they saw the foreigners fighting against Syrians and they switched camp (again)…or is it that they realized they are on the edge and they have no chance in confronting the Syrian Arab Army?The national army that they targeted and bombed trying to make it weak?And what for?To give an advantage to the Zionist one? To accomplish the plan of the enemy who needed the Syrian army focused on internal protection while on Syrian borders the bloody bastards neighbors are preparing to invade?
Last night a TV station was airing a report from Quseir- a nest of rats feeding with Syrian blood and hiding in sewers:one of them was saying:we have no bread ,no fuel  because the Government does not allow it to enter the area…I wanted to kick the screen.Do you know why?He was downloading a truck filled with bread …an optical illusion?Or an idiot drugged on the screen:just one example of the dirt coming out from filthy minds!

to be continued these days


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