The modern Ghingiz Khan and his followers

The  modern Ghingiz Khan and his followers

Is Ghingiz Khan,the Mongol , reborn and living in the body of an Wahabi leader ? This question is vibing in my mind these days watching the events of the Middle East …

Ghingiz Khan described himself at Bukhara as the “scourge of God” sent to men as a punishment for their great sins:His bewildering extent of the blood-thirsty ferocity, insatiable thirst for massacre,beheadings and devastating destruction which brought unprecedented suffering for the greater portion of the civilized world, where fleeing populations, pillaged towns and cities were wreaked as a special vengeance upon them just like those who dared to resist the modern Ghingiz, who converted rich and smiling areas into ruins and left behind the smoke of burning towns.These barbarian hordes set up a new record:in order to conquer their opposants, they pursue them, want to see their families in tears ,air fatwas which allows them to possess the daughters and wives of the locals or the reckless assassination of scholars, poets, and writers, and the destruction of libraries and colleges which bring irreparable disaster upon Muslim civilization. In Ghingiz Khan time,the sack of Baghdad was a supreme catastrophe of the world of Islam and of the Arabo-Persian civilization which had flourished so richly for many hundred years.The destruction of Baghdad, therefore, meant the extinction of learning. With it were destroyed the great libraries and unique treasures of art, philosophy, and science, accumulated through hundreds of years.

Our ancestors ,our parents tought us to learn from history…was this message misunderstood by some and taken as an example by others?

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