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  • 50 facts that show the truth about the freedom of expression in Syria and Libya – Here all the sources of the video
  • 50 fatti che dimostrano la verità cirxca la libertà d’espressione in Siria e Libia – A seguire tutte le fonti del video


(1) CNN – CIA’s News Network

(2)Robert Fish interviews Syrian Army Generals

Robert Fisk: ‘They snipe at us then run and hide in sewers’

Robert Fisk: ‘No power can bring down the Syrian regime’

(3) Delegazione Siro-Italiana incontra Presidente Parlamento Siriano, dr. Mahmoud (ITALIANO)

(4) Assad interviewed by Barbara Walters

(5) Bashar Assad interviewed by Todenhöfer, July 5th 2012

(6) Syria – Gilles Jacquier was killed by Terrorists 18-07-2012

(7) Syria: Bombs hit cars escorting ANSA correspondent, one dies (ITALIANO)

(8) Porta a Porta, “Attacco alleato alla Libia”, 21 Marzo 2011 (ITALIANO)

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