North Resistance


FSA terrorists throw post-office workers from the building:

FSA terrorists behead an unarmed civilian:

FSA terrorists murder unarmed civilian:

Leaked video , fabrication of a video by the FSA terrorists to accuse Syrian Soldiers:

FSA terrorists torturing an old man of beit Berri before executing him:

FSA terrorists throw a civilian from the top of a building:

Execution of a family, Beit berri, by FSA terrorists:

FSA terrorists bury a Syrian alive:

Al Qaeda FSA terrorists execute a civilian for merely supporting the government.

FSA terrorists kill christians in Deir ezzor

FSA terrorists bomb an area mainly Druze and Christians: Aftermath

FSA terrorist murder a civilian who criticized the FSA terrorists

FSA terrorists genocide against Minorities in Syria

FSA terrorists behind Hama killings of families  june 6/2012

FSA terrorist try to use a prisoner as a suicide bomber, and fail:

FSA terrorist shoot a man from…

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