When economies are taken down,when the elite makes the rules,then  you should open your eyes and and act and do it fast!Is there a backfire in the past events in Libya?Or do we talk about calculations and premeditation ?***************************************************************************************************When the USA decides that “democracy” is needed in a certain area it is the point in time when “the jihadist” enter the scene.They used them in Afganistan and Iraq ,in Libya and now in Syria,it is a proved fact so I will not insist on it.But…were the reactions of Osama,of the Libyan jihadist or of the other terrorist fractions from Iraq or Middle East area miscalculated? Didn’t they expect that when a  blasphemy movie  ,produced by an elitist and sponsored  by an Wahabi  Qatari was released in the same hot period of  politic ‘s change in the Arab World  those reactions?I think they did! They only needed a reason to invade and attack!Do not let yourself fooled by the images of their media again:those extremist monkeys are not very smart ,just puppets in the hands of an evil puppeteer !USA could not let those “democratic ” apes to make the rules for the land filled with oil so they needed an excuse to send the marines ,as in Iraq! A movie which insults the Prophet Mohammad was not filmed over night but was released when it was necessary! These plans were long ago finished on paper or tape ! And those plans were designed by politicians and economists  working for the elite,the military only apply it. After the apes were demonized by the press  but they still have work to do,what was the priority?To make the Muslim World boil .So what better reason than an attack on the Prophet ,mocking the Holy Cora’n?  Who cares now about the  crime of the terrorists?Isn’t is a suicide  crime?The master gave up a piece ,using a personal tool!The result :a double gain:victimized itself,spotlighted  it and made the ape look like a hero in the eyes who had doubts,which is not!Remember Bulgaria a while ago?  And why?Look around:on what economic field there seems to be no problems in the actual crisis? How long is the distance between a pharmacy owned by a big corporate and another?  They need us sick! They need the crime to accomplish the plan!



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