Syria is the key

Syria is the key

How Syria is threatening America’s interest in the Middle East can only be understood in the context of U.S. plans to reconfigure the Middle East. Knowing now that the motive for invading Iraq was strategic :to use Iraq as a permanent military operation base and as we witnessed later,after US redrawal asked by Iraqi authorities, as a gate for the different groups of mercenaries or secret services’agents.
U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East only safeguards the continuous flow of oil and other national interests, including a policy of oil-denial, carried out since the mid-1940s.Rapid Deployment Forces during the Carter administration; Dual Containment and the “Quiet War” under the Clinton administration; and the Preemptive Doctrine under the Bush administration. These policies have been instrumental in maintaining U.S. hegemony in the region and preempting any threats that could damage U.S. interests or those of its allies including Israel, Turkey, and the Arab states of the Gulf region.

Without a UN-backed resolution to attack on Iraq, the United States and Great Britain took unilateral actions to lead a four-day bombing strike on Baghdad in late December 1998. According to former Undersecretary of State Martyn Indyk, the United States received the blessing of the Gulf leaders to do things in secret, engaging in destroying Iraq’s military and economic infrastructure and bombing Iraqi facilities under the pretext that they represented potential future threats.This was the first step taken in order to force the Syrian and Iranian rulers to make their systems compatible the White House’s views as taking over Syria would give the United States strategic depth in the region, allowing for the creation of sectarian struggle and extremists dominating the state in favor of the United States’ regional allies Israel and Turkey.
Simultaneously,it has been started the proliferation of ” democratic marionette leaders” in the Arab world who would ultimately resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict in line with what Israel has hoped to achieve.
Former President Bush explained that invading Iraq was the necessary first step to start the wave.

Some Middle East leaders , at the June 2004 G-8 summit meeting, lobbied for the use of the term “partnership”in the ” selective democratization process” and highlighted their desire to work with the United States on the issue,against the interests of the Arab masses doomed to foreign occupation under a veiled name:
“democracy”,an imported concept with paper- made of -base,with no respect,for specific historical circumstances for the society and for the people they would apply it on!
How would these changes in Syria would have served the United States?
1) A destabilisation of the Resistance axis …the United States will have completed its final stage of encircling Iran.In 2006, Iran and Syria signed a mutual defense treaty in response to the growing possibility of conflict with the West and it was tested in the past months and proved to be fulfilled by both sides
2) A pro-U.S. regime in Syria would tip the region’s balance of power toward Israel . Accordingly the United States and Israel would be in position to dictate a peace settlement to the Syrians over the Golan Heights.
3) the balance going down for Russia,which would loose its influence in Mediterranean “Unilateral US sanctions against Syria and Iran are increasingly becoming extra-territorial in nature and are touching upon the interests of Russian business,” Lavrov said on Saturday after meeting with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Russian port city of Vladivostok. He added that Russian banks were particularly being affected by the bans on Syria and Iran when the Russian government has clearly stated on numerous occasions that they will not step back during a strike against Syria,
4)by developing its economic capabilities and knowing its military ones ,Syria could have become a threatening force in the region so in this war scenario, Syria ‘s economy had to be the main target,according to the concept of deliberately engineered wars by elitists to distract the masses away from particular global developments that work to the benefit of the establishment power structure ,for example the oil prices skyrocketing due to increased Middle Eastern distress,prices established in dollars.
5)The reason of the huge crisis “the war is guilty not the elite”.Anything can be blamed on it while the real culprits ,the international and central banks which have been corrupting and dismantling the economies benefit most from the distraction.

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